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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Q: Please can you provide a short description of Fives Landis and what you do?

A: Fives Landis produce high precision grinding machines for all industries, but with a particularly high specialism in the automotive industry, especially for camshaft and crankshaft production. Our core strengths are making high quality machines to produce complex, high accuracy components in high volume.

Fives Landis are part of the Fives Group, an international industrial engineering group headquartered in Paris. In addition to the automotive and high precision machine tools sectors, Fives have diversified interests in various industries including aerospace, cement, steel, glass, aluminium, energy.

Q: How did your relationship begin with the other members of the consortium and what encouraged you to join the project?

A: Fives were encouraged by Jaguar Land Rover to join the consortium as an industrial partner based on the long relationship we have had with them since the earliest days of their Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, as well as the Fives’ strong reputation among manufacturers in Britain and across the globe. The Perseus project was of particular interest to Fives as its objectives are so closely aligned with the long-term plans of Fives Landis, and in particular a drive to shift our automotive business towards electrification, breaking our current reliance on internal combustion engines. Working together as a consortium, we are able to capitalise on varied R&D activities which are complimentary to the needs of Fives. Obviously the funding is helpful too, but the added value of other consortium members really helps shape and accelerate our development objectives in a way which would otherwise be impossible.

Q: Tell us what Fives Landis brings to a project like Perseus and why you think it’s important for you to be part of the consortium.

A: Fives Landis bring a wealth of knowledge from around the world which can help inform strategy for JLR and the rest of the consortium as we work together to define the future landscape of UK manufacturing and supply chain for an electrified automotive industry. We can share best practice and are able to identify risks and opportunities based on experience of other automotive ventures, which are perhaps outside the normal operating territories of some of the other consortium members.

Q: Throughout the duration of Perseus, what does Fives Landis hope to achieve for themselves, the wider consortium and for UK industry?

A: Fundamentally, Fives Landis hopes to develop new grinding solutions to ensure that we have the right products to serve the evolving needs of UK industry to fulfil present and future requirements of EDU production. This will include new hardware and software solutions to repurpose existing grinding machines as well as create new machinery, which is specifically tailored to industry’s needs. In the end, we hope to capitalise on this work by very quickly bringing such innovations to the market, realising sales both in the UK and abroad. In doing so, we will help secure skilled jobs and manufacturing output in the UK for years to come.

Q: Explain to us what being a part of a project like Perseus means to you.

A: Engaging in part-funded projects like Perseus provides the potential to accelerate our development and ensure it is aligned with the needs of industry. This has the dual benefits of capitalising on being first to market with new innovations, and increasing the probability of success by ensuring close alignment with evolving customer requirements.

Q: If you could use one word to describe Perseus what would it be and why?

A: “Cooperation”. The experience and skills of consortium members working together can deliver incredible results which are truly greater than the sum of their parts.

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