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Q: Please can you provide a short description of Horizon Instruments Ltd and what you do?

A: We are Special Purpose Machine Builders and Automation Engineers. We provide bespoke mechanical, electrical and software, design, build, installation and commissioning.

Q: How did your relationship begin with the other members of the consortium and what encouraged you to join the project?

A: We were part of the HVEMS consortium and so worked with JLR providing a machine for inserting and gluing magnets into rotors, as well as working on the Traceability and Quality system for the Pilot Line in HVEMS at the Warwick University Campus. We have also worked with JLR at their EMC on several projects over the last few years and have worked with JWF for many years through our sister company Contron Limited. We found that working in the HVEMS consortium provided us with a lot of new contacts and opportunities.

Q: Tell us what Horizon Instruments Ltd brings to a project like Perseus and why you think it’s important for you to be part of the consortium.

A: Horizon Instruments are ideally placed to focus on EVs because of our history of developing innovative automation. We joined the consortium to increase our knowledge base on EV-Motor production and to allow us to develop coil winding technology. Our engineering team develop new machines and automate new processes for customers where no current machine exists. This has developed a culture of solving the problem rather than adapting a similar solution.

Q: Throughout the duration of Perseus, what does Horizon Instruments Ltd hope to achieve for themselves, the wider consortium and for UK industry?

A: Understand EV-Motor production and develop an in depth understanding of hairpin winding so that we can offer automated solutions in this area of technology. Working in the consortium should allow us to grow our current relationship with JLR and JWF and cultivate new relationships with the other partners.

Q: Explain to us what being a part of a project like Perseus means to you.

A: We are very proud to be part of the EV revolution, knowing that this will directly support a greener transportation system. Perseus provides the opportunity for this and has the added benefit of supporting the UK’s proud tradition of being innovators and leaders for change.

Q: If you could use one word to describe Perseus what would it be and why?

A: Necessary – this sums up all aspects of the project, from providing a greener future, safeguarding jobs, re-using/retooling existing systems and ultimately reducing waste.

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