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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Q: Please can you provide a short description of MAPAL LTD. and what you do?

A: Mapal Ltd is a manufacturer of precision tooling offering unique technical solutions and services globally, for automotive and aerospace partners.

Q: How did your relationship begin with the other members of the consortium and what encouraged you to join the project?

A: Mapal Ltd has a longstanding relationship and reputation with JLR as well as precision engineering industrywide. As a result of the EDU project, we were invited to join after amassing experience and expertise in this field.

Q: Tell us what MAPAL LTD brings to a project like Perseus and why you think it’s important for you to be part of the consortium.

A: Mapal Ltd offers and brings innovations, technical excellence and market leading unique solutions.

Q: Throughout the duration of Perseus, what does MAPAL LTD. hope to achieve for themselves, the wider consortium and for UK industry?

A: Mapal wishes to grow knowledge and experience with EDU for expansion into this field, for know-how and reputation.

Q: Explain to us what being a part of a project like Perseus means to you.

A: Involvement highlights Mapal Ltd competence and ethos with new ideas at the forefront of the precision engineering market.

Q: If you could use one word to describe Perseus what would it be and why?

A: An exciting opportunity for future prospect and development into the fast changing world of automotive. We are contributing further to our responsibility towards sustainability on the planet, and environmental issues, security for employment and local economies, as well continuation of business for Mapal Ltd in this developing technology.

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