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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Q: Please can you provide a short description of HSSMI and what you do?

A: HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy. We are committed to helping forward-thinking manufacturing companies achieve their goals. We work across manufacturing industries to help companies respond to market challenges by increasing productivity, upscaling their products and processes, and transitioning towards a circular economy We connect experts who are practical and realistic with people who want to make their products in an efficient, innovative and sustainable way. For manufacturing to truly advance, we need to remain ahead of the curve. In order to do so, we collaborate with Partners on innovative research projects to tackle some of the most pressing business challenges.

Q: How did your relationship begin with the other members of the consortium and what encouraged you to join the project?

A: HSSMI has enjoyed an established relationship with many of the project partners for several years now and has worked together with JLR, MTC and JW Froehlich in other projects before Perseus. Working with different manufacturers, we are aware of the critical need for OEMs to adapt to the demand for electrification, so there was a clear market-driven need for a project like Perseus. Perseus is also important in creating a supply chain for electric powertrain components and machines in the UK, so that we do not have to rely on imports. All of these were drivers that we recognised and why we were eager to participate in this project.

Q: Tell us what HSSMI brings to a project like Perseus and why you think it’s important for you to be part of the consortium.

A: Project Perseus fits with many of the solution areas we work on at HSSMI – e-drives, batteries, lean manufacturing and automation, advanced simulation, digital tools, manufacturing strategy, circular economy, and project management. We are able to bring to the project a wealth of experience is these sectors. Previously, we have also been involved in a range of projects focused on electrification, such as the HVEMS project where we worked with JLR and looked at creating a make-like-production facility for electric motors, so we are able to draw on lessons learnt from this project and others and implement them in Perseus.

Q: Throughout the duration of Perseus, what does HSSMI hope to achieve for themselves, the wider consortium and for UK industry?

A: In project Perseus we will look at developing new advanced simulation and VR tools for a variety of applications, including EV powertrain manufacture. Perseus will help enhance the skills of our engineers and give us a clear case for our abilities to support manufacturers in their repurposing strategies.

As project manager for Perseus, we look forward to delivering a beneficial outcome for all project partners at the end of the project.

Finally, in the broader UK context, project Perseus will help increase the competitiveness of the country by growing the UK manufacturing industry and creating a supply chain for Power Electronics, Electric Machines and Drives (PEMD). Contributing to the creation of a stronger manufacturing industry is a key objective of the work of HSSMI.

Q: Explain to us what being a part of a project like Perseus means to you.

A: Perseus touches upon the three cornerstones that drive the work of HSSMI – upscaling, productivity, and circular economy. The aim of HSSMI is to advance manufacturing by supporting innovative businesses. Perseus, for us, is a perfect opportunity to do just that. We are also excited to be at the forefront of EV powertrain manufacture, helping it develop and grow, and work with a group of very forward-thinking organisations.

Q: If you could use one word to describe Perseus what would it be and why?

A: Flexibility, in the sense of increasing the ability to adapt to a changing market and transition from ICE to EDU manufacture.

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